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Nov 24, 2021
In Prayer Requests
Please pray for Maria, who was in our prayer group here; she was taken to the hospital very early a.m. today and is dying; please pray that she has an easy passing and is welcomed Home with much jubilation. Please pray for her husband Chuy and for her daughter Judy. Thank you.
Nov 15, 2021
In MDMer Posts
I remember as a child, every summer for a week in July before the feast of St. Anne, our parish in New Jersey would hold a parish mission/novena to St. Anne every night for a week, and it would be packed with people. This really made an impression on me. Us kids would be out all day playing and swimming at the beach, then in the evening head over to church for this. Last July, I checked on that parish's website to see if it was still happening there - no, they don't do it anymore. That's sad and a sign of the times. But by accident I did find online the website of a St. Anne shrine in the Phillippines that, even with Covid lockdown going on there in a major way, was still doing what they could to have huge devotions to St. Anne for her feast day.


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