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Sue Atkinson
Nov 23, 2021
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MDM friends, there have been so many amazing, providential stories around the giveaways, that it's time to share them! I have many stories that people have shared with me over the past year, and I am going to post them - anonymously in some cases, as some info is sensitive. A little backstory to the the end of last year when the Intercessor Family met Fr. Lance Harlow, he mentioned he had just produced a perpetual desk calendar with quotes from his book "The Echo of God". I quickly ordered two calendars, one for my husband Paul, and the other to give to someone at some point. I sent a message to Angelina telling her that I'd like to give it to someone in the Intercessor Family, and she came up with the idea of a Christmas gift exchange. It was all quite fun, and then dear Angelina asked me if I would be open to co-ordinating an ongoing giveaway program. Since we were still in the thick of the pandemic, and most of my usual activities were not happening, I gladly agreed. This year there have been 130 (!!) gifts given away, from one Intercessor Family member to another. Masses, offers of prayer, rosaries, books, DVDs, wall many beautiful gifts. Friendships have been formed, and there has been some lovely camaraderie built up around this little arm of the MDM apostolate. I'll update this post with some stories, but feel free to add your own if you have been touched as the recipient or the donor.
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Sue Atkinson

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