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Sep 11, 2021
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My friend who is like a little sister to me was having a bad year. She drank all the time and spent a lot of time with the wrong crowd. When she and I hung out we would do normal things; laundry, tv, board games, music, etc. I was there for her when she needed me, and she provided good company for me. Occasionally I picked her up from the bars when she got drunk. I wasn't there for her one night, however, when she went to a drug dealer's house. They gave her two hits of a drug she had never had before, and it really altered her perception of reality. I don't know the full story, but I know how frail and downtrodden s was when she told me in my room a few days later how she was found and picked up by some police officers while wandering the street without any clothes on. Her so called friends let her leave naked, alone, and high. I was livid, and she was breaking down in front of me, curled up in a ball and lying on my bed. I wrapped her in my arms and asked her if I could pray over her and with her. She didn't know how. I told her that's alright. I'll say the words, and she can put her intentions into it. God will hear. I said the Rosary. This was before I got good at it, but it was enough. Halfway through she tried to stop for boredom, but I told her it was almost over, and her will, her ego, the part of her that was hurting died, and she was left safe in my arms, with the word of God on my lips and in her ears. I finished, and she fell asleep. Weeks later she met a guy who was good to her at a place she and I volunteered at. She ended up marrying him. They now have four beautiful children, and she doesn't see her old friends anymore. The Rosary saved my little sister's life.
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