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Jacob Terry
Sep 08, 2021
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As the title suggests, I was once visited by my girlfriend's Grandfather who passed away about five years ago. When this visit took place, I had not converted to Catholicism yet and the Rosary was not a prayer that I used often, if ever. I was already studying Catholic Theology since I go to a Catholic school, so I was very much aware of it and knew most the prayer by memory but only prayed it when I was among Catholics, one of those being my Girlfriend. One night After going to bed I had a dream in which an older man approached me in a place looking similar to a school. He had a kind face which revealed years of joy and laughter in it wrinkles yet sadness was there too. It seemed present in his eyes. Tears streaked down his face as he walked up to me. He asked me if we could pray together and I said yes. As we started to pray, I noticed that without mentioning it we had begin praying the rosary. As dreams normally work, I only remember beginning the Rosary and finishing it. After we were done, He embraced me, then turned and with a smile on his face walked away. As he walked away I noticed that a weight seemed to have been lifted from him. He stood a bit taller and walked with purpose as if he had somewhere to be and I think he did indeed have somewhere to be, the Lord was calling him home. This story may sound crazy to some and thats okay. The internet is full of wild ghost stories which should be rejected and yet to me, this is as real of an experience as I have ever had. I was suggest two things in closing. 1. The reason for why I was graced with this visit has alway stumped me. At one level it seems that the man was visiting me because he was in purgatory and needed prayers. At another level it seemed like he was imparting some kind of blessing upon me, perhaps to be dating his granddaughter of who I have been with for nearly two years. After racking my brain in search of the truth I came to the conclusion that it is in fact both things which happened here. I believe that he was asking me to pray with him so that he could continue on the last leg of his journey to heaven, and gave me his blessing in his final moment with me. 2. another thing which I believe to be worth noting is that if we were to assume I really was visited by someone from the other side, it is interesting that the rosary was his choice of prayer. Yet not only was it his choice of prayer, it was assumed that by asking me to pray with him he meant pray the rosary with him. Praying to our lady was the last thing he needed to do before entering fully into God's presence. I find it incredibly interesting that someone who would know what is waiting for us beyond death would consider praying the Rosary the go-to if it were a useless prayer, or a heretical one as our protestant brothers and sisters would suggest. Praying to our Lady has far more power than we can ever imagine. Almost all the saints in the Western church and even a few in the east highly recommenced praying the Rosary and had devotions to it as well. When we say "hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with you" we are calling out to Mary by name. when we say "blessed are thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb, Jesus" we are honoring her. When we say "holy Mary mother of God, pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death" we are asking her to pray for us because we do not know how to pray correctly, let alone how she does. The Rosary may seem like a prayer for people who have a deep faith life and who seem to be doing everything right and without a doubt it is, but it is just as much for the wounded person, for the person who can't seem to stop committing that one sin, the person who is even struggling to believe at all. while the Rosary may seem like a complicated prayer, it is at its heart made for people who do not know how to pray since no one knows how to pray the way our blessed Mother does. Trust in its power and trust in Mary. She will use the Rosary to shape your heart until it is conformed to the sacred heart of her son, Jesus. This visit changed my life in every way possible. The rosary is changing my life every single day since. It is now my go-to prayer as well and I hope to keep it that way for the rest of my life. Open your heart to what Christ is doing for you with his Mother and you will never be the same.

Jacob Terry

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